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William BIL Anderson


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William BIL Anderson JR creates conceptual post-modernism and or contemporary super flat art, based on elements of Japanese manga, comic pop art, surrealism, Rastafarian & alternative street art. The concepts for his work were initiated while recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Among other concepts, he creates abstract representations of the Australian Aboriginal Yowie Quinkin character, illustrated and created in a contemporary Australian Japanese manga format, developing theories relating to the outsider or otaku from contemporary Australasian Japanese contexts.

Williams’ artworks with the concept originating from the super flat art movement – a postmodern art movement created by Takashi Murakami (2000) which references the outsider subcultures of otaku via the consumerism and sexual fetishism that is prevalent in post-war Japanese culture.


Psychedelic Super Flat Comics

Jielojoss Comic

Art, sounds and Music by William BIL Anderson JR
Made edited recorded with Cakewalk Sonar LE
Tracks and recorded sounds copy right 2017 William BIL Anderson JR.

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