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Tomoko Oka


Contact Tomoko

T: 0413 600 394

Tomoko Oka is a Japanese calligraphy artist based around Sydney and the Central Coast.

Tomoko practiced calligraphy from the age of ten. She focused not on a single style, but practiced many established styles, as well as developing her own unique forms, and abstract works. Her calligraphy has been used in restaurants, accommodation, and on various products, such as sake labels. She has also performed at festivals in Japan.

Since moving to Australia, she has conducted calligraphy workshops in schools and various venues in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as giving demonstrations at karate dojos and at marketing events for private companies.

Tomoko’s great joy is to share Japanese culture through her passion for calligraphy and the beauty of the Japanese aesthetic. She loves talking to people about this unique art-form, and never fails in engaging her students or audience in her own love for the act and art of calligraphy.

Her works include not only conventional Japanese calligraphy, but also unique styles for greeting cards, apparel, framed works and signs.

Her most recent work is inspired by the abstract form, merging traditional calligraphy, sumi (calligraphy ink) painting, and modern abstract expressionism.

She is available for commissioned works, workshops, and demonstrations.


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