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Michael Lai


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Michael’s work focuses on breaking down the barrier between art and science that limits people’s ability to become more creative, innovative and expressive. He enjoys the challenge of projects with collaborative and experience-driven themes that combining both traditional and modern styles/techniques.

Michael’s previous exhibit, “Hanakami (花紙) cranes and micro-terrariums”, is an exploration of intricate patterns, delicate textures and vibrant colours. The artistic collaboration, combining a modern variation on terrariums, miniature traditional Japanese craft and photography, showcases items brought to life by the dexterity of the artist and captured in the contrasting styles of the individual photographers.

Michael also run classes and workshops on mindfulness & origami to introduce the therapeutic benefit of this traditional form of art, especially for those seeking alternative ways to find serenity or balance in a disruptive and distracted modern society.

Michael’s current project is titled ‘The Hanakami (花紙) Cranes Collection’, a series of photographic prints and artworks from his 2017 ‘Hanakami Cranes and Micro-Terrariums’ exhibition.


Profile photo by Caroline Andreolle © 2015 Sphynge Photography. All rights reserved

Artwork photo by Molly Sui, James Shields and Francis Scott

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