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Keiko Goto


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Keiko arrived in Australia with her father who was involved in The Snowy Mountain Scheme’s final project, Tumut 3 Power Station in 1970. The Snowy scheme brought a lot of skilled people from around the world and became a part of the multicultural Australian immigration history.

Being brought up in this multicultural community in rural Australia, as well as living abroad in Japan, UK, and Russia, Keiko established a vibrant international background characterising her love of nature and people living on the land.

Her interest is in the ordinary people living in the outback, remote lands and islands, as well as rural regions around the world with their life style encompassing the character of the land in which they live on.

The artistic Black & White photographs are shot on film mainly using Leica IIIb (built in 1938) with Summicron 50mm and printed to archival gelatin silver prints on fibre based paper with Focomat 1C in a darkroom by Keiko herself. These are featured in The beauty of the monochrome world enhanced by the added character of the piece by piece hand printed fibre prints is timeless.

On the other hand, Keiko is experimenting with many different facets of digital photographs in the digital website, Explosion of colours, subtle shades of light or dark colours, starry nights at various places, are featured in this website, but always finding surprises in everyday living whether in the city or remote areas.

Keiko has exhibited in Japan, Australia and Russia.

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