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Hiromi Ozaki


Contact Hiromi

T: 0413 500 760

Hiromi’s produces artworks using an etching effect and she specialises in large scale commissions. Hiromi’s art is informed by Japanese aesthetics – namely in its simplicity, beauty in the ephemeral and understanding of a fleeting life. Her collections have been displayed in countries including;¬†Singapore, HK, Macau, TYO, Sydney, Japan, NZ, and USA.

Recent exhibitions
2017JNE “Creative Mirror” Auckland NZ
2013 MAR “Evolution”Hemingway Art Cafe, HI USA
2012 MAR Art Cafe, SYD AUST
2009 FEB “Luminosity” Richard Martin Art, SYD AUST
2006 Graduated BFA (Hon.Painting major)National Art School SYD AUST


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