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Emi Kamataki


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Emi learnt painting as a young child and calligraphy until she was 15 years old.

In 2005, she came across Sumi-e in Melbourne and since then has studied this art form under her master, Kinsui Katori in Tokyo.

She is now a certified advanced lecturer of International Sumi-e Association and has been awarded at exhibitions in Tokyo. She has also exhibited her works in China, France, Estonia, and Australia.

Apart from the exhibitions, she teaches at schools as an artist in residence, runs adult group classes as well as works on commissions in Melbourne.

Emi’s background in Ikebana and tea ceremony has deepened her understanding of Japanese art and the beauty of it.  She loves the simple yet deep art of brush and ink on paper or silk. Emi is also looking for further possibility of Sumi-e to develop her new style by absorbing other techniques like drawing and watercolour.


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